OUR CITY show program

OUR CITY show program


The OUR CITY show catalog with a 2" inch Film Photographic decal.  

From the second annual @ourlosangeles / @filmphotographic group photo show hosted by @contactphotolab, sponsored by @ilfordphoto. July 29th 2017 Los Angeles, California

Featured photographers:
Ryan Akerberg, Dustin Beatty, Angela Boatwright, Eric Bouvet, Matt Burt, Matt Draper, Amber Chavez, Greg Hunt, Robbie Jeffers, Mikael Kennedy, Armand Kohandani, Bryce Laurino, Jason Lee, Ray Molinar, Dan Monick, Cinthya Guillen, Alex Rose, Alex Schmidt, Stefanie Vinsel, Clarke Tolton, Todd Weaver, Ty Williams, Tobin Yelland, Letitia Younger

Film Photographic - @FilmPhotographic
Contact Photo Lab - contactla.com
Our/Los Angeles - ourvodka.com/ourlosangeles
ilford Photo - ilfordphoto.com

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